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Seychelles Diving at five-star PADI diving centre Seychelles Diving at five-star PADI diving centre Seychelles Diving at five-star PADI diving centre

Diving Centre

Seychelles diving opens doors to a living museum under the Indian Ocean. Home to a marine extravaganza, the underwater world of Silhouette Island is another world to be discovered, as diverse as it is unique. The colourful natural reefs are frequented by a magnificent array of exotic species, and their fascinating interactions are not to be missed.

The launch pad for undersea exploration begins at the Eco Centre, where a 5-star PADI diving centre with decompression chamber is located. From the moment our guests set sail toward their trip, safety is a number one priority. This first-class Seychelles diving facility can accommodate up to three patients in the main chamber and is capable of handling emergency cases. Overseen by resident German doctors, the decompression chamber ensures the highest standard for an ultimate Seychelles diving experience.

Top-of-the-line instruction is also readily available for first-time divers. Our highly trained and personable instructors make sure that all guests are prepared to dive and feel confident about embarking on their underwater journey. For those in the group who prefer to observe from the ocean's surface, snorkelling gear and advice is also offered. Whether diving or snorkelling, guests will be mesmerized by the beauty of the ocean floor.

Besides PADI diving and snorkeling courses, the Eco Centre offers non-motorised water sports and diving equipment for rent. Guests who are eager for extended exploration can even arrange private or group trips to various underwater destinations. Private charter and instructors are available for a half- or full-day Seychelles diving trip, or a full-day snorkelling or diving tour to Mahé.