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Seychelles - Pirates and Plantations on Sihouette Island Seychelles - Pirates and Plantations on Sihouette Island

Pirates & Plantations

For many years, Silhouette Island was the home of the notorious pirate Jean Hodoul. He arrived in the Indian Ocean in 1790 and quickly became one of the most successful French corsairs. In 1797, Hodoul captured 7 English vessels and their cargo, comprising goods and treasures worth over Ä1.1 million. Legend has it that his booty still lies undiscovered in the heart of Silhouette Island.
The Grande Case dates back to 1860, and was built by the islandís owner, the Dauban family. Auguste Dauban, owner of a shipping company, was a successful trader; his family owned several plantations on Silhouette island, including cinnamon, coffee, vanilla, ylang-ylang, patchouli, rubber trees and cocoa, among others. Legend has it that the island was sold to Auguste Dauban not for gold or silver but for a violin. Today, members of the Dauban family are buried in a mausoleum on the island. This unique structure is open to visitors.