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Seychelles Travel - Guide to the Islands Seychelles Travel - Guide to the Islands

Seychelles Travel Guide

With a backdrop of granite mountains covered in forest, Mahe is the gateway for Seychelles travel and island hopping. It is also the largest island of Seychelles and home to the capital Victoria.

Silhouette Island, a marine national park, is the third largest island and remains largely untouched by travelers. The essence of Seychelles travel, it features the lofty 740-metre peak of Mount Dauban with its forest-covered slopes, home to pitcher plants, incense trees, and rare flora and fauna native only to this island. Five-star Labriz embodies this rare beauty of the Seychelles while providing modern luxurious comfort for travellers.

A popular excursion on Seychelles travel itineraries is Praslin Island. Northeast of Mahe, on Praslin island, Vallée de Mai Natural Reserve is home to primeval Seychelles forests, including rare 6,000 coco de mer trees and is the last habitat of the endangered Black Parrot. Many locals and travelers believe the site to be the original Garden of Eden.

Another highlight of the Seychelles are its giant tortoises. Silhouette Island features a tortoise sanctuary accessible from Labriz.